Страна контрастов – Восточный Казахстан. 2020 год.

Действительно, контрастов было немало. Выжженная солнцем пустыня Киин-Кириш с «марсианскими» пейзажами и, совсем рядом, широченная гладь озера Зайсан с отмелями мыса Шекельмес. Фешенебельный санаторий на берегу Рахмановского озера и забытая богом Урунхайка на Маркаколе – самом большом озере Алтая. В одном месте я беспрепятственно проехал в двадцати метрах от китайской границы, Continue reading “Страна контрастов – Восточный Казахстан. 2020 год.”

Winter road to the lake Kolsay. 2018.

We got acquainted with this lake twenty years ago. At that time, the popularity of the Kulsai lakes was not great, they were talked about a little and even less traveled here. The distance from Alma-Ata is not great – about three hundred kilometers, but the road was bad at that time and its condition continued to deteriorate. Continue reading “Winter road to the lake Kolsay. 2018.”

By car around Alma-Ata. Part two. 2010.

Traveling long distances, we didn’t forget about our mountains, try to get out into nature at the first opportunity. July 2010 was hot. The temperature in Alma-Ata rose above +40 degrees at the middle of the month, and we could not stand it and decided to run away from the city for several days. I have long wanted to see the mountains along  the road between Kegen and Zhalanash villages. Continue reading “By car around Alma-Ata. Part two. 2010.”