It started like this

It was to my fortune to be born in Alma-Ata. The nature around the city gives a unique opportunity to be transferred from the sand dunes of the desert to the rocks and tundra’s glaciers, having traveled only one hundred kilometers. Moving from the Ili River to the south, leaving behind the desert and semi-desert, passing through the steppes, climbing through deciduous forests to the mountains, passing a thick firry forest and enjoying the bright colors of the green carpet of alpine meadows, we find ourselves in the realm of eternal ice, having spent only a couple of hours on this journey. In order to pass all these climatic zones to the north, to the shores of the Arctic Ocean, we would need to overcome about three thousand kilometers in a straight line.

Such a wealth of nature does not just call, however almost directly pushes into travel. Begun with short distance walks from the childhood, these trips remained with me and grew along, becoming longer and more interesting, until they were finally formed into the best for me recreation – Autotravel.

About how our autotravels have begun, how they have developed, what has been done and what else is desired to be achieved  – is in my stories. Some of them have already been published on various Internet forums and are presented here with additions and clarifications. Stories published for the first time are still waiting for questions and feedbacks from readers as well as there are expected to be additions to photo and video materials. Some photos and videos have preserved what had already disappeared or had deformed significantly in twenty years, some routes had become inaccessible. Therefore, it is particularly  interesting to have readers’ opinions to be expressed side by side with the authors’ impressions, who visited those same places, who traveled along the same roads. Let’s complement each other and, probably, someone else will have a desire to discover this fascinating world – the World of Autotravel.