Discovering Baikal. Olkhon Island. 2009.

Interest in further autotravel, the result of which was the first visit to Russia in 2001, did not die. However, life was such that the second long trip took place eight years later and its target was the eastern part of Russia – Siberia and Lake Baikal. Continue reading “Discovering Baikal. Olkhon Island. 2009.”

Alone in Mongolia. From Tashanta to Kyakhta. 2016.

The route, after many years of deliberation, looked like this. From Alma-Ata, I go to Ust-Kamenogorsk, pass the border beyond Shemonaiha, then, at Kurye, turn right, and, through Krasnoshchekovo, Soloneshnoye and Ust-Kan, I reach the Chui road. Across the border – in Tashanta, further along Mongolia: Tsagaannuur – Ulaangom – Muren (from it to Hubsugul and back) – Bulgan – Ulan Bator – Kyakhta. Continue reading “Alone in Mongolia. From Tashanta to Kyakhta. 2016.”

“It is interesting – how is it further, for …” Far East. 2017.

In late August 2016, I came back from Mongolia. Having passed the border in Kyakhta, I approach Ulan-Ude and see a pointer: Irkutsk – to the left, Chita – to the right. I went, of course, to Irkutsk, home direction, but the thought – what will happen next, behind Chita – has appeared. Continue reading ““It is interesting – how is it further, for …” Far East. 2017.”