Pajero vs Казахстан. Дороги и направления. 2019 год.

Большое путешествие по Казахстану завершено почти успешно. Чуть ли не вся страна пройдена вдоль и поперёк – от Актау до Аягуза, от Кокчетава до Алма-Аты. Расстояние между крайними точками маршрута – почти 2500 километров «по прямой», которая состояла из автобанов и солончаков, дорог и направлений. Continue reading “Pajero vs Казахстан. Дороги и направления. 2019 год.”

Roads of Kazakhstan or a story without a name. 2018.

I do not know how best to call this story. Two thousand kilometers of broken roads? Are we building autobahns too? Death Road along Balkhash? Pajero keeps hitting? All these titles are suitable only for individual parts of the story. It is better to tell everything in order, and then decide for yourself how best to call it. Continue reading “Roads of Kazakhstan or a story without a name. 2018.”

The first time on the roads of Russia. 2001 year.

About how we came to such a life and decided to become autotravelers is said here. The next story – is our first long journey. Unfortunately, there will be no photos, they were not preserved. There will be video clips taken on an analog camera and digitized, which show the roads of the first year of our century. And the maps which we used to travel. Continue reading “The first time on the roads of Russia. 2001 year.”

Russia again. Old Beloretsk tract. 2010.

Our life of auto travelers began from a trip to Russia. It was at 2001  , and the past nine years have not been empty. There were trips to Lake Baikal, Alakol and Borovoye Lakes, through the cities of Kazakhstan. Life during this time was rapidly changing and we want to have a new look at the old places – drive from Alma-Ata to Ufa, meet friends, look at the rebuilt capital of Kazakhstan – Astana. Continue reading “Russia again. Old Beloretsk tract. 2010.”