How did I come to this life … Looking back into 1997.

In early 1997, we had gotten a car on which we could drive almost anywhere – MMC Pajero 1997 Model, 3.0L GL. It could had been used for a big group of people for a Sunday picnic – nine seats, including a driver, made it easy to do so, as well as could allow to travel off autonomously for several days, taking a tent, a bunch of different things and foods – an unusually large interior size contained everything that only our soul desired. Continue reading “How did I come to this life … Looking back into 1997.”

The ice is coming back. Lake Alakol. 2010.

From childhood, as remember myself, I always knew tthe largest lakes closest Alma-Ata were Balkhash and Issyk-Kul. There were, indeed, an “all-union health resort.” at the past century. However, there was another lake with the same healing, slightly saline water – Alakol, the “colorful lake”. Located to the northeast of Almaty at a distance of approximately five hundred kilometers in a straight line, this lake has long been a closed area. Continue reading “The ice is coming back. Lake Alakol. 2010.”

By car around Alma-Ata. Part two. 2010.

Traveling long distances, we didn’t forget about our mountains, try to get out into nature at the first opportunity. July 2010 was hot. The temperature in Alma-Ata rose above +40 degrees at the middle of the month, and we could not stand it and decided to run away from the city for several days. I have long wanted to see the mountains along  the road between Kegen and Zhalanash villages. Continue reading “By car around Alma-Ata. Part two. 2010.”

Russia again. Old Beloretsk tract. 2010.

Our life of auto travelers began from a trip to Russia. It was at 2001  , and the past nine years have not been empty. There were trips to Lake Baikal, Alakol and Borovoye Lakes, through the cities of Kazakhstan. Life during this time was rapidly changing and we want to have a new look at the old places – drive from Alma-Ata to Ufa, meet friends, look at the rebuilt capital of Kazakhstan – Astana. Continue reading “Russia again. Old Beloretsk tract. 2010.”

The most northern point. Lake Baikal. 2011.

Two years before this trip I read in one book: Lake Baikal possesses a mysterious, mystical force of attraction and those who have ever been to Lake Baikal will strive to get here again and again. Well, I read it and forgot about it, but only one year passed after the trip to Olkhon Island and I want to go back to Baikal again. Continue reading “The most northern point. Lake Baikal. 2011.”

3822 meters of road climbing. Tien Shan. 2015.

The Terskei-Alatau ridge, lying to the south of Issyk-Kul lake, is cut by three roads. In the western part of the ridge is the road to Charyn and further, past the lake Chatyr-Kul, to China, Kashgar. In the central part, a few meters from the shore, the road begins along the Barskaun River, to the Kumtor gold mine. Finally, the third road, in the eastern part of the ridge, leads to the village Inylchek. Continue reading “3822 meters of road climbing. Tien Shan. 2015.”

“Интересно, а как там дальше, за…” Дальний Восток. 2017 год.


В конце августа 2016 года я возвращался из поездки по Монголии. Пройдя границу в Кяхте, приближаюсь к Улан-Удэ и вижу указатель: Иркутск – налево, Чита – направо. Поехал, конечно, в Иркутск, в сторону дома, но мысль – а как там дальше, за Читой – появилась.   Continue reading ““Интересно, а как там дальше, за…” Дальний Восток. 2017 год.”