There are many ways to travel. It is quick and easy to be taken from point A to point B by air; however, places in between these

two points will remain to be undiscovered. Moreover, there are other modes of travelling, by train is extremely comfortable – but there are certain limitations to our journey impressions like the railway train schedule. You can always travel on foot – however how long can this travel really be sustained for? After personally trying all the mentioned ways, I have landed my decision on traveling by car, considering it to be the most convenient of all.

And why not? You can drive through almost everywhere desired, make stops when and where you want and at any moment, deviate from the planned route or change it all together. The length of these trips is various – from several dozens of kilometers in the mountains to almost 18,000 kilometers towards the ocean. A car has elevated me up the mountains higher than 4,000 meters, transferred by 65 degrees from West to East.

A Road – it is not just a strip of asphalt or a rut on the ground, you will be immersed into a whole new world of emotion and feelings. The impressions will build up with time, however the world will change as well – you can never walk into the same river twice, you can never drive on the same road – every time you will discover something very new for yourself. It is why these memories are so valuable, it is why the comparison of past and present is so fascinating.

Stories about car travelling on the roads of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Russia. The coast of the Pacific Ocean, the rivers such as Amur and Yenisei, Ilim and Selenga, Lena and Chuya, Turgen-Aksu and Charyn, and lakes including Baikal, Khubsugul, Kolsai and Alakol. Olkhon Island and Russky Island, Chon-Ashu and Kok-Airik passes as well as Kegen and Chike-Taman passes. The cities of Irkutsk and Ulan-Bator, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, Astana and Ufa. Strait of Olkhonsky Gate and the Eastern Bosphorus. Steppe roads of Mongolia, mountain roads of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, federal autobahns of Russia – “Ural”, “Chuysky tract”, “Siberia”, “Baikal”, “Amur”, “Ussuri”. May hummocks and ice, steppes of Kazakhstan and Mongolia, mountain rivers of Kyrgyzstan, hot springs and warm lakes of Northern Baikal. Siberian taiga and the Transbaikalian expanses. Railways “Transsib”, “BAM” and the ghost-town Inylchek. Tanks and wild animals on the roads. Border crossings, accidents and traffic police. Downpour and fog, forty-degree heat in June and snowfall in August. The ice road to Lake Kolsai and the new highway “Alma-Ata – Khorgos”.

These autotravels became possible thanks to our loyal friends, cars under the brand of MITSUBISHI PAJERO, which is dedicated a separate story.